Francine Lewis
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Francine started doing impressions of her teachers and fellow pupils when she was only 5 years old. She was very accurate and humorous and was always being asked to entertain her family and friends.

She went on to join Kids & Co. Drama School in London, where she studied acting, singing and dancing.


As a teenager she became a television soap addict and picked up the mannerisms and voices of the characters with ease. She entered many local talent shows and gained much confidence and experience in playing to a non-familiar audience. Over the years she has continued to extend her range of characters, including male personalities as well as female.

Although impressions are her forte, her acting ability has gained her roles in many stage productions including Aladdin, Bugsy Malone, Minstral Spectacular '95, Snow White and Babes in the Wood.

Francine is unique amongst the new breed of female presenters in that she is also capable of doing a stand-up comedy show to a live audience.

Francine appeared on Garry Bushell's television show "BUSHELL ON THE BOX", and soon became a regular. This in turn brought her to the attention of LWT and she was offered a slot on "THE BIG BIG TALENT SHOW" presented by Jonathan Ross, and won her heat by a mile, guaranteeing her a second appearance in the final.

Since then her TV career has taken off. Her stunning spot on "TALKING TELEPHONE NUMBERS" led to her becoming a regular presenter on Channel 5 "5'S COMPANY" and Sky's "LIVE 6 SHOW", and she has become one of the Team Captains on the cult television programme "NIGHT FEVER".

Francine also presented the BBC's "DAILY LIVE" show with Paul Ross and brought extra glamour and comedy to "THE GENERATION GAME", after Jim Davidson personally asked his producer to include her in the show. Capital Radio then offered Francine a weekly show that turned out to be a huge success. She was then asked to present 'FLYING START' for Carlton Television while at the same time presenting 'VPL' for Granada TV.

Francine was voted 'Top Telly Totty' by the readers of The Sun and they recently referred to her as being the best female impressionist in the country. She has also become a favorite with magazines and has featured in Maxim, FHM and OK.

Francine stormed Ian Wright's show 'FRIDAY NIGHT'S ALL WRIGHT' and the highly rated daytime show 'LOOSE WOMEN'. Francine's ambition is to front her own Comedy Sketch Show, which seems imminent. Francine has also stared in the stage play 'Eternal Flame' which toured the UK and was directed by 'John Conway'

Most recently Francine has been filming the romantic comedy 'Suzy Gold' along side 'Summer Phoenix' which is due for release in the UK end of 2003. The film is directed by 'Rick Cantor' and Rebecca Green'

Also on the horizon is a new comedy sketches for Sky

Francine is one of the few performers who can appeal to widely ranging audiences from Children's TV (such as her appearances on 'FULLY BOOKED' and 'CBBC') through to trendy late night shows.


  TV Shows

below are just a few of those shows:

Time and the Place - ITV
Pebble Mill - BBC
UK Living - Sky
The Live 6 Show - Sky One
The Big Big Talent Show - ITV
5's Company - Channel 5
Night Fever - Channel 5
Talking Telephone Numbers - ITV
Bushell on the Box - ITV
Fully Booked - BBC
Flying Start - Carlton Select
Big Breakfast - Channel 4
Generation Game - BBC
This Morning -ITV
Mellinda's Big Night In - Channel 5
Daily Live - BBC
Loose Women - ITV
Ian Wright Show - ITV
VPL - Sky


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